Hire a Local Canberra Arborist to Trim Your Trees Properly

Hiring a local Canberra arborist to trim your trees properly is an investment that elevates the value of your property. Arborists are experts in the cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants and can perform a variety of services, such as pruning, tree lopping, stump grinding and more. Choosing an arborist with the right credentials, expertise and plenty of experience ensures that the job will be done correctly, safely, efficiently and on time.

While it is important to stay on top of regular pruning for aesthetic and structural reasons, it’s also vital to hire a professional to avoid long-term damage, protect power lines from new growth, and prevent hazards from falling limbs. The benefits of proper tree trimming are substantial, reducing risks to people and vehicles on your property and in the surrounding area, improving aesthetics, and encouraging healthy regrowth.

It’s important to choose a well-credentialed arborist, and one who is prepared to give you a quote before commencing work. They should have the correct equipment and will arrive on time to get the job done. In addition, if your tree is near power lines, make sure that the arborist you choose is Evoenergy accredited. They should also be insured and have a current license to operate heavy machinery.

The right cut is crucial when it comes to pruning, so you want to make sure that the arborist you hire has a good eye for detail. It’s best to start on the underside of a branch, cutting just outside of a bud or twig that points in the direction you’d like it to grow. This method prevents water damage and rips, which can expose the inner bark to pests.

Next, move to the top side of the branch. You’ll notice the collar, a slight swelling of the trunk with rougher bark around the base of the branch. The final cut should be just outside this collar, again avoiding leaving a stub. This prevents water damage and helps to discourage the development of harmful pathogens.

A qualified Hire a local Canberra arborist to trim your trees properly can evaluate your trees and advise if it’s the right time to remove them, and if so, how to do so without damaging your property or neighbouring trees. They can also help you determine if your trees are a safety hazard, or if they are infested with pests or diseases that require removal.

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